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     Porous ceramics

         Ceramic tubes & pipes

         Custom ceramic shapes

         Porous ceramic filters

         Wearing & thermal shock

        Nano functional coatings

         Photo-catalytic porous ceramics

         Porous ceramic shapes

         Fine bubble diffusers


Over the last five years,  some of the porous ceramic novel applications have been further developed and practically tested, these include:

         A range of vacuum holding plates or vacuum chuck for semiconductor and other components precision handling.

         Miniaturised porous ceramic tubes (e.g. 0.5mm ID/2mmOD) for wet chemical,  gas diffusing and special filtration.

         Porous ceramic wafer with various sicknesses for catalyst immobilisation; functional display and sensor applications.

         Small porous ceramic component for chemical flow-through, Chromatography and chemical adsorption.

           Porous glass and ceramic helices that has much improved wetting ability, adsorption and packing efficiency. 

         Nano-porous membrane for controlled chemical evaporation and diffusion.






New technology developments:

 Nano porous ceramic substrates with nano-pore surface structure, a unique miniature platform/biochip for chemical and bio-chemical immobilisation.