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Wearing Resistance:

Silicon carbide is the hardest material practically available to industry. It is often used for wearing resistance applications in hostile environments.  Our silicon carbide pipes with up to 500 mm diameter has been used in the most hostile environments and it has been proved that its wearing resistance is 10-15 time better than steel. The components have been used in cyclone, heat extraction of corrosive hot gas, high pressure transportation of coal dust and sliding slab for steel slag in steel plants. The application of curved pipes, where the most severe wearing was experienced, have also been very successful. We can also provide steel case with flange for easy assembly.

Thermal Shock:

Our Zero-therm ceramic has a near zero thermal expansion coefficient, it stands temperatures up to 1500 oC.

A crucible or a tube made of this material will not crack when directly inserted into a furnace at up to 1500 oC. Also it will not crack when removed from a1500 oC furnace directly  to room temperature. Thus lab wares made from this material can be used for rapid sintering or heating applications, making the process very efficient and convenient.

A BN coated crucible is very durable for melting metals, and sintering various chemicals.







New Product Developments:

1.      Zero thermal Coefficient ceramics for high temperature applications such as burners.

2.      High toughness Silicon carbide linings for wearing and impact resistance applications.