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  • Vacuum chuck holding plates for semiconductor handling, film printing, film formation, vacuum forming, water draining, fluidised beds, solid separation from solutions, etc


  • Large and tiny porous ceramic  filters (non-fibrous) for robust environments, low pressure drop, high temperature, wearing and corrosive.


  • Nano- porous ceramic filtration  for nano colloidal particles in corrosive solutions, carbon nano tubes, airborne dusts.  


  • Catalytic bed and nano-porous helices for high performance adsorptions


  • Nano-porous stainless steel membrane for most robust applications


  • Controlled diffusion of gas or liquid into other systems; controlled release of chemicals


  • Immobilisation and controlled release of chemical species, surface chrotography.


  • High temperature thermal shock resistance  heat exchanges, burners.


  • Bio-reactors, bio-membranes, enzyme immobilisation; functional membranes; drug bearing ceramic implants for controlled release....


  • Porous ceramic rods for low pressure chromatography; two dimensional porous ceramic layers ( that can be pre-immobilised with certain functional chemicals for surface chromatography, selective absorption, protein purifications etc  


  • Poreslides - a two dimensional porous ceramic surfaces for various applications,..... click here for more....