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     Porous ceramics

         Ceramic tubes & pipes

         Custom ceramic shapes

         Porous ceramic filters

         Wearing & thermal shock

        Nano functional coatings

         Photo-catalytic porous ceramics

         Porous ceramic shapes

         Fine bubble diffusers


Customized Ceramic Components 

Different methods are used to manufacture different ceramic shapes for different applications. If the standard components do not suit your requirement, then tooling is needed to produce the component. For slip casting, the tool is made of normal plaster and for powder compact, a steel mould is required.     

The components include tubes of various sizes with or without flanges, rods, tiles, thin sheets surface with a special profiles etc.

The applications of these ceramic components are predominately for:

         Heat resistance.

         Electrical insulation.

         Corrosion and erosion resistance from molten metals and various chemicals.

         Wearing and abrasive resistance.

Depending on the actual application, the chemical composition of the ceramic component may be alumina, fused silica, silicon carbide.

Sometimes, several single components are co-fired together with the aid of a high temperature adhesive to produce a complex structure.

With advanced shape forming technology, we provide fast prototyping service allowing customized ceramic components to be produced in days rather than weeks.











   New Product Developments:

1.      Ceramic filter with various pore size ranges and low pressure drop.

2.      Poreslides: Ceramic substrates with nano-pore surface structure, a unique platform for chemical and bio-chemical applications.