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                                                                            Non-Fibrous Porous Ceramic Filters


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As a result of continuous development in the last five years, HP Technical Ceramics can now  offer non-fibrous, porous ceramic filters with serialized pore size distributions. Now we can manufacture various custom porous ceramic filters from very small e.g.1mm diameter/0.5mm bore, to very large sizes. If you have a design, please let us know.

The non-fibrous porous ceramic filter has a number of advantages over fibrous ceramic filters and filters made of other materials such as  plastic and metals, including:

         Excellent chemical resistance in both acid and alkaline conditions

         Good wearing and erosion resistance, hence longer usage life 

         Withstands high temperature

         Good rigidity and dimensional stability

         Can be coated or immobilized with virtually any catalytic or other functional materials

         Can be used as a adsorbing media at the same time

         Environmental friendly


         Filtration for chemical processing plant

         Paper and cardboard processing

         Particulate filtration for in gases and air

         Filtration in medical and dental fields  

         Solid separation in mining industry

         High temperature gas probe

Please do not hesitate to contact us it you would like to try our durable porous ceramic filters, we can select one that does the job and at the same time consume the least energy.







New Product Developments:

1.      Ceramic filtration media for adsorption of heavy metal ions in water.

2.      Poreslides: Ceramic substrates with nano-pore surface structure, a unique platform for chemical and bio-chemical applications.