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HPTC has manufactured fine bubble diffusers for more than 10 years for water aeration. Our fine bubble diffusers or micro bubble diffusers are based on porous ceramic materials. As the ceramic technology advances, the performance of the fine bubble diffuser improves gradually. These improvements include:

  • Fine bubbles in the range of 0.2-0.8mm.
  • Uniform bubble sizes
  • Lower back pressure (~1 Psi), thus simplifying installation procedures and maintenance of the system.

The finer the bubbles, the larger the surface area for oxygen transfer. An example is that for the same amount of oxygen, the surface area provided by 0.5mm diameter bubbles is 6 times of that provided by 3mm diameter bubbles. The oxygen to water transfer only takes place at the bubble surfaces, hence the more surface area, the higher the transfer efficiency. 

The other important factor is that, when the bubbles are small, they rise significantly more slowly than large bubbles. As a result, there is more time for oxygen transfer, enhancing its efficiency . It is estimated that when the size of an oxygen bubble is smaller than 50 microns (0.05 mm), it will be completely absorbed in a 50% saturated water depth of 1 meter.   

The combination the fine bubbles and low back pressure offers best Oxygen transfer efficiency in terms of energy consumption.

The following applications will benefit from our fine bubble (or micro bubble) diffusers:

         Diffusing Ozone in water in any scale

         Diffusing O2 in water

         Diffusing air in water at very low pressure

         Diffusing carbon dioxide (CO2) either in pure form or diluted form in a bioreactor for producing algae and other forms of bio-fuels. The other similar application is to diffuse carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid or chemical system in reduction or capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Our high performance fine bubble diffusers are manufactured in porous ceramics. They are supplied in the forms of flat discs or rectangular plates, and tubes. Suitable industrial applications include aquaculture, water and waste water treatment.

Please let us know if you have an application.







The fine bubble diffuser in the picture is powered by a 2 watts pump at a back pressure of about 1 Psi. The surface area of the diffuser is 154 cm2 (140mm diameter disc). One can calculate the power consumption by simply knowing the area that needs to be aerated or oxygenised. You will find that this is probably the most energy efficient diffuser. You can power about 500 of  these diffusers with only 1kw!

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