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Why Ceramics?


Although ceramics are generally considered as weak and brittle materials, they have many irreplaceable properties, these include:

            Withstand extremely high and low temperatures

             No problem of getting oxidized

              Excellent wear and abrasive resistance

              Chemically durable in strong acid and alkaline environments, even at high temperatures

              Compatible therefore allow virtually any chemicals to be attached or immobilised  onto nano porous ceramic surfaces. 

              Extremely high surface areas in micro-porous or nano-porous form, providing enormous sites for attaching catalysts or certain functional chemicals. Perhaps most importantly, extremely large surface areas enable enhancement of functional molecules

by hundreds or thousand times.   

As a result, Ceramics in various forms are used in every discipline of science and technology.  

If you have an idea regarding an application of technical ceramics, whether it is in the field of engineering, chemistry or bio-technology, please do not hesitate to contact us








New technology developments:

 Nano porous ceramics substrate with nano-pore surface structure, a unique miniature platform/biochip for chemical and bio-chemical immobilisation.