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     Porous ceramics

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As a result of continuous development in the last five years, HP Technical Ceramics can now  offer porous ceramics with serialized pore size distributions

Although the main compositions of the porous ceramics are alumina and fused silica, we can also manufacture other materials such as silicon carbide etc.

In most cases, the porosity of these ceramics can be varied from 20% to 60% by volume. The porous structures are always interconnected. Liquid and gas can flow through them with low pressure drop
The pore size, depending on the manufacture technique used, can be controlled to as small as 10 nanometers with a narrow pore size distribution. However, the shape of the porous ceramic may be limited when pore sizes approaches the lower limit.
The porous ceramics are produced in any shapes according to customer's design. Typical shapes already manufactured include rods, tubes, and thin plates. 
A sol-gel technique is used to produce porous ceramic media in forms of spheres, flakes and irregularly shaped particles. Such ceramics have enormous surface areas up to 500 m2 per gram and are applied as high
performance catalyst carriers or supports for various chemical reactions. 
The excellent inertness of ceramics offers an easy way of sterilization as compared with plastics and other materials.




       Ceramics have following unique properties:

         Uniform pore sizes and high surface areas

         Excellent chemical resistance in both acid and alkaline conditions.

         Good wearing and erosion resistance.

         Withstands high temperature.

         Good rigidity and dimensional stability.

         Can be coated or immobilized with virtually any catalytic or other functional materials.

         High porosity and uniform pore size enable low resistance for both gas and liquid flow through applications.

    New Product Developments:

1.      Ceramic filter with various pore size ranges and low pressure drop.

2.      Poreslides: Ceramic substrates with nano-pore surface structure, a unique platform for chemical and bio-chemical applications.    


      Typical Applications:

Filters for gases and liquids

Capillary Electrophoresis

Filtration for heavy metal ions (Cr, Ni etc) in water

High temperature chemical support for gas absorption

High efficiency flow through catalytic supports

Gas burners


Micro trapping systems and bio-catalytic supports

Vacuum holding plates (vacuum chunk)

Nano-membrane supports for sensor applications

Micro-bubble diffusers

Fine or micro channels for electrophoresis

Chemical or bio reactor


         Please contact us if our porous ceramics may be useful in you application